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How do you rate your performance in software delivery? And are you confident that you’re up to speed?

An organisation’s ability to ship products fast and frequently depends on its software practices. While all organisations have ‘an ability’ to deliver, they’re unlikely to have the metrics that measure their performance with best practice. Through our work with Callaghan Innovation’s Build for Speed programme, we’ve established those metrics and built an Improvement Model that’s helped over 150 New Zealand enterprises shift their software delivery gears. We can establish your baseline performance and help your team get up to speed too. And you may be eligible for funding…

Callaghan Innovation’s Build for Speed programme provides funding for NZ SaaS businesses to get expert help in solving typical software delivery issues such as:

Spending more time fixing bugs than delivering features

  • Software releases are cumbersome & slow
  • Taking too much effort & cost to onboard customers
  • Uncertainty in scaling the product for a rapidly-growing customer base

The programme is the fastest way to identify the highest-value actions you can take to improve your software delivery practices. We use our Improvement Model to benchmark the current state of your delivery capability and identify which levers to pull to increase velocity and flow. The programme is delivered in two phases:

We learn how your business and product works and the problems you face, baseline the maturity and quality of your software practices and identify the priority actions you need to take

We provide up to 50 hours of coaching to uplift your team’s ability in the software practices identified in Discovery

Further information about Build for Speed funding is available from:

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

We also work with larger enterprises that are not eligible for the programme using a similar engagement approach based on our Improvement Model…

The Improvement Model is a framework for understanding the software delivery capability gap against benchmarks. The benchmarks are derived from 8 high-level measures, 35 sub-measures and 278 criteria (see our Improve Practices playbook for more detail).

The scores illustrated in the spider web diagram are based on analysis of more than 100 businesses and represent the most comprehensive performance metric for software delivery in New Zealand. The average ability score is about 50% of the highest and/or best-practice score. That’s some gap!

We think this represents a fantastic improvement opportunity for the nation’s businesses.

Our experience tells us that organisations that go through the programme achieve three important outcomes:

  • Practices improve – shift up from baseline measure
  • Flow of value improves – change in business outcomes (eg. onboarding time)
  • Visibility improves – the Improvement Model provides tangible evidence of a shift in ability

There’s also a positive ‘ratchet-effect’ on the teams and individuals; as their work becomes easier and more rewarding, they become more engaged in learning, collaborate more effectively, focus more on Continuous Improvement and become a happier, higher-performing team.

We help organisations uplift their practices in categories covering quality, flow, feedback and the delivery of value:

  • Project v product-based software development
  • Test Automation
  • DevOps/Continuous Delivery
  • SaaS-style Architectures
  • Infrastructure as Code… & more

Our Improve Practices playbook provides much more detail about individual best practices and sets the scene for understanding your situation.

If you’re interested in measuring your capability gap and starting on a journey to excellence, call us to check eligibility for funding on Callaghan’s Build for Speed programme. We’d love to help another New Zealand business get up to speed.

Discover more

Our Improve Practices playbook

Our playbooks are freely downloadable – no contact details required.

Our Improve Practices playbook explores how you can uplift software delivery performance and improve your organisation’s ability to maximise the flow of value. Learn more about:

  • The Build for Speed programme
  • The Improvement Model measures
  • A snapshot process for transitioning practices, step-by-step
  • Contemporary practices in software delivery

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Tasktop is revolutionising Value Stream management with a platform that helps enterprises ‘see through the black box’ of software delivery, align IT initiatives with business goals and accelerate flow. As trained Tasktop partners, we’re ready to help you see value in a whole new way.

Dev Academy

We work with Dev Academy to provide critical capability uplift for developers, helping them expand their technical skills to deliver better software. Dev Academy is where Kiwi ingenuity and values of manaakitanga and aroha collide with innovation, education and technology. is home for some of the world’s most experienced SPCTs (SAFe Programme Trainers) and transformation consultants (including HYPR’s Gillian and Gareth). Our partnership ensures we learn, share, collaborate to ensure delivery of world-class SAFe® education.

Callaghan Innovation

We work with Callaghan Innovation to develop the highly-successful Build for Speed Programme. We are the leading provider and have helped over 150 businesses improve their software delivery capability.


Nomad8 is one of New Zealand’s leading Agile consulting, training and coaching practices. We work with Nomad8 on Callaghan Innovation’s Build for Speed programme where the engagement 
is targeted towards building high-performing, self-organising product and delivery teams.