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The trifecta of (successful) transformation

Posted by Justin Tomlinson . Aug 17.22

I’ve now been on the ground at HYPR for two weeks and, in that time, I’ve had ‘walk and talk’ meetings with many of our team. Those walks have been a great way for me to listen and learn.

I put in over 80,000 steps picking the brains of some truly brilliant and inspirational HYPR people and one of the questions I asked each of them was: “What do you think are the traits of that rarest of beasts – the successful digital or product transformation?”

The answers were compelling – and, if I wrote them all down, they would count at well over 1,000 words and much wisdom. For a bit of fun and a mental challenge, I decided to bundle the essence of the team’s thinking into a slightly tongue-in-cheek, but collectively informed, Venn diagram.

The BS bingo factor is high as these things are easier said than done, but I hear these answers and believe that where these traits are present, good things happen.

The big takeaway for me is that you really can’t escape from these three key elements. Together, they loosely translate into the statement that success relies on having a mindset for product delivery. Preferably a global one.

This is the context in which we like to engage our clients at HYPR. With a focus on creating the environment where people can deliver the right things in the right ways. If this sounds interesting to you and you have this challenge, then do give us a call. We love good conversations and wicked problems too.

PS. I’m sure you’ll recognise the character types and corporate versions of the people in the diagram (red text) and the product failures (blue text), but just in case, here’s clarification…

The Rogue Exec – Just arrived back from the Singularity University and super clued up on all things servant leader, but sadly hasn’t got a team… …A coach with no team – Brilliant in theory, awesome in intention, but cannot get a thing done

The Failed Founder – Serial entrepreneur with no wins yet… …I’m more of an ideas guy – You’ve met them in a café, they have a great business idea, but only in their head. It doesn’t survive first contact with any questions

The Lone Geek – Writes beautiful code no one else will ever see… …Software factory – No customers. We built it, but they didn’t come!

Invented Cold Fusion, can’t ship it – Perfect purpose, perfect product, can’t get it live

Death by company antibodies – The innovation lab experiment delivered, but the people who were kept in the dark were so angry not to be consulted that they attacked it as having outrageous privilege until it died

Quantum blockchain fish bicycle – Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

Justin Tomlinson

CEO 'JT' has worked his way from the coalface of technical delivery to running product and technology for household brands including AOL, Sky Europe and JK Rowling's Wizarding World. He has a strong focus on people and is a true 'servant leader'.

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