Justin Tomlinson is our new CEO

Posted by Gillian Clark . Aug 02.22

HYPR has a new CEO, Justin Tomlinson, to take us on the next stage of our journey. ‘JT’ comes with 30 years’ experience working across the world in organisations of all types, shapes and sizes.

He’s worked his way from the coalface of technical delivery to running product and technology for household brands including AOL, Sky Europe and JK Rowling’s Wizarding World.

In recent years, JT has focused more time on helping small businesses scale and established businesses improve their technology and product strategies. He has a strong focus on people and is a true ‘servant leader’. His arrival at HYPR is the result of a serendipitous ‘meeting of minds’, as Justin explains…

“About a year ago, I set about finding my tribe, a place I could belong and a worthy challenge. When I met HYPR’s Founders, Gillian and Gareth, I knew I had found the first two immediately. When I learnt about the purpose and vision of the business, it really went to the heart of what I think turns people’s day-to-day jobs into purposeful work, the thing that creates transformational moments that define them and their lives. Simply put, HYPR was where I wanted to be.

With an amazing team, I know that HYPR provides the deep and immensely valuable expertise in digital product and technical strategy that you want on your side in today’s complex and challenging world.

We’ll continue to focus on enabling our clients to improve delivery of customer value, expand what we offer and look to productise the thinking and approaches that make us different. And, along the way, I hope we’ll play our part in solving some of the big problems for Aotearoa that are also globally relevant. There’s no more worthy mission than that.”

On Justin’s appointment, Founder and Director Gillian Clark says “I’m thrilled to welcome JT onboard. I’ve been planning for a while to take a step back from ‘running the business’ and the hardest challenge is finding your replacement. While no one would want another me ;-), a new CEO has to be someone who shares our purpose, values and vision, as well as the capability to support Gareth on technical delivery and lead our business. Over a few months of great conversations, we knew JT was that person. I know we’re in good hands! As for me, I’m going to spend much more time building our fast-growing Value Stream Management practice and, as a Director, ensuring good governance as we scale.”

JT joined HYPR on 1 August. He’d love to hear from you...

Gillian Clark

Co-founder and Director of HYPR, strategic transformation adviser and one of the first fully-certified SAFe® Programme Consultant Trainers (SPCT). Gillian is always in pursuit of the 'moments' that make us love what we do.

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