Value Stream Management

The most progressive enterprises across the world are engaging Value Stream Management (VSM) practices. This one-day HYPR workshop introduces executives to the practice.

Course detail

Course type: Private, on-demand

No of days: 1 to 1.5


Learn how to visualise and measure the value stream

Value Stream Management overcomes localised optimisations to promote more strategic thinking for the benefit of customers. Its fast uptake across the world is transforming how enterprises deliver value and helps focus their work on accelerating the flow of that value.

Product value streams place the customer as the focal point and help organisations shift from a cost and project-centric approach to a customer-focused, product-oriented approach.

This essential workshop helps leaders and product and engineering teams see how they contribute and improve the flow of value to customers by visualising and measuring their value stream. It also focus leaders' minds on how to innovate and deliver products and services faster and with higher quality.

Who will benefit

  • Technology leaders will learn how to structure software value streams to accelerate the flow of value to customers
  • Product engineering teams will learn to use their knowledge of Agile, Lean and DevOps, combined with empirical improvement to accelerate flow
  • Leaders will learn to take a holistic view of each value stream, to optimise flow from product inception to the customer and how to focus larger improvement initiatives in the right places for maximum benefit
  • Contributors within a value stream and leaders who support delivery will play a critical role in delivering desired business outcomes by establishing feedback loops for continuous improvement

Topics covered

  • Value stream mapping
  • Visualising your value streams
  • Flow Metrics
  • How systems thinking applies to value streams
  • Team Topologies within value streams
  • Diagnose value stream pathologies to improve flow
  • Patterns that accelerate flow

What you'll learn

  • Why delays in your process are more important than how busy your teams are
  • How work flows to customers and how business value flows through customers
  • Techniques to visualise your value streams
  • How flow metrics can be used to baseline your value streams and guide improvements
  • How to avoid local optimisations and focus improvements where they have the biggest impact
  • How to organise teams around value to improve flow
  • Typical pathologies within value streams with proven remedies, including too much work in progress per team or value stream and persistent dependencies between teams or outside the value stream
  • How to fund value streams to move from project to product


  • A basic knowledge of Agile or Lean or DevOps
  • An understanding that most examples will be based on organisations that use technology to deliver products and services


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