Pair Programming

Pair Programming delivers capability uplift, faster delivery and higher quality. This one-day workshop shows you how to do it and extract the benefits.

Course detail

Course type: Private, on-demand

No of days: 1


Unleash the power of two

In this Pair Programming workshop, you’ll learn how pairing up can produce simpler code solutions, help avoid expensive operational issues and dramatically improve productivity. You’ll also experience how it can liberate learning and charge up engagement levels in your team.

Delivered through hands-on, practical examples, it’s suitable for engineers and developers of all levels, as well as technical leads and coaches. Attendees should have some technical background and be comfortable installing software on their computers. While candidates do not need to be ‘active’ coders, it would be beneficial as attendees will be expected to learn coding with those they’re paired with in the workshop.

Topics covered

  • Hands on: Integrated development tools for pair programming
  • Why is pair programming not more widely adopted?
  • The role of pair programming in team maturity and capability
  • Hands on: Driver/navigator pair programming and vulnerability/empathy
  • The role of pair programming in Continuous Delivery and Team Topologies
  • Approaches to pair programming
  • Hands on: Ping Pong pair programming and Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Hands on: Co-pilot – role and use of AI in pair programming

What you'll learn

  • The latest VS Code and IDEA remote pair programming tools
  • History, effectiveness and benefits of pair programming
  • About team readiness, T,E shaped, key person risk and how to avoid expensive operational issues
  • An awareness of the environment/tone you create and each other's differences
  • Test/behaviour driven, swarming our work, Flow/DORA metrics, uplifting capability
  • When you should do it, good etiquette, what the industry is doing. If XP still matters. What Mob programming is and why it's back
  • How to get the most from yourself, your partner, how to build in quality, early design feedback and raise capability
  • How to spend less time Googling and more time adding value


Some tools are required for successful engagement in the workshop and we’ll provide details in response to your enquiry.


If you’re interested in booking, contact Vicky Price on +64 21 0296 6365 or by email via the button below.