Modern Test Engineering

This workshop helps you engage the cutting-edge practices that transform how you approach and ensure quality.

Course detail

Course type: Private, on-demand

No of days: 1


Learn how to stop quality issues becoming a serious bottleneck

This one-day workshop will super charge your engineering teams by exploring the context for quality in product value streams, its role in Continuous Delivery and the test approaches and practices required to accelerate flow of value.

It’s a highly practical workshop that delivers real capability uplift and enhances an individual’s worth. The feedback from attendees has been fantastic. It’s aimed at all levels, from beginners through to expert testers (preferably test automation engineers), engineers and developers and engineering/developer/tester coaches, as well as technical leads.

Attendees will need some technical background and be comfortable installing software on their computers. Candidates do not need to be ‘active’ coders, but it would be beneficial and manual testers should have the desire to learn some test automation practices.

Topics covered

  • The role of QA in Continuous Delivery
  • The role of QA in Team Topologies
  • How modern architecture changes the way we test
  • Quality as the team's responsibility
  • Good practice and approaches to testing
  • AWS and testing
  • SaaS products: Automated look and feel testing
  • SaaS products: Synthetic Monitoring – testing in production
  • SaaS products: Test with on-demand environments or real ones

What you'll learn

  • How to move from inspecting for quality to building it in
  • How to organise business and technology teams for fast flow
  • Decoupled testing for a decoupled architecture
  • How we decide what type of testing to do and when
  • Where to start and what the industry is doing
  • The latest from AWS; what they offer and where they're going
  • How to use tolerance guidelines to drive testing
  • Proactive testing: Finding out about issues before customers
  • How to speed up feedback without compromising on quality


Some tools are required for successful engagement in the workshop and we’ll provide details in response to your enquiry.


If you’re interested in booking, contact Vicky Price on +64 21 0296 6365 or by email via the button below.