Flow and Flow Metrics

In a world where enterprises are rapidly shifting to product value streams, understanding and measuring flow within the stream is critical. This workshop starts you on the journey.

Course detail

Course type: Private, on-demand

No of days: 1


Learn how to improve delivery times, quality and consistency

This one-day workshop on Flow and Flow Metrics introduces the Flow Framework® and the tools and metrics that help you gain insights across the value stream. The Framework specifies a language that all stakeholders in an organisation can understand, allowing informed, organisation-wide, data-based decisions to accelerate flow of customer value.

The business has the clarity it needs to consider its investments and the engineering teams have the metrics they need to allocate their resources between technical improvements, feature delivery, risks and quality.

This workshop is aimed at portfolio managers, product owners, delivery leads and engineers.

Topics covered

  • What is Flow?
  • What impacts Flow?
  • The Flow Framework®
  • The Flow Metrics
  • Interpreting the Metrics

What you'll learn

  • How to interpret the Metrics
  • How to know you're making the right improvements in your processes
  • Using the metrics to make more reliable estimates on delivery to your customers


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